Porthos Watches

Diseño Español & Corazón Suizo




Porthos started as a dream of fulfilling a promise. A promise of making something to feel proud of and share it with everybody, a promise of working on something we really love and enjoying everyday while creating what we like most: our watches.

Innovative styles

We want our customers not just to have a watch, but also want them to mark their own style. We want to make the difference throughout our innovative designs and we will always wager for quality, design and originality. Not only we want to create watches, we want to make good, lasting watches and make them a symbol of our brand.

A fair trade

We are facing times in which brands are very important in terms of sellings. The downside of this is that quality is always tied to high prices. We want to be honest and that is why our philosophy is to sell high-quality watches, great designs and good materials at a fair price.



After many months of searching for a design which would fit our idea, we finally created an innovative design which gave our watches a remarkable image.

Following the idea of a harmonious design which fits in with our watches, we created a two-level dial whith a harmonous wave-shaped division which separates both the superior and inferior parts, granting the possibility of creating unique designs between both parts.

Sapphire Crystal

One thing that bothered us, from a personal experience, was the quality of the crystal that we wanted to use. We knew that the hardened-mineral ones were not a guarantee against drops or scratches, and our first priority was to look for quality.

For this reason, we decided to incorporate a high resistant sapphire crystal in all our watches. This crystal is strong against scrathes and also has an anti-reflectant (?) effect, providing the watch with both a total protection and brightness of the dial.

Swiss Heart

While the good quality Japanese movements have become very popular nowadays, we wanted to trust in the security and reputation of the Swiss movements and thus, we finally decided to implement our watches with a Ronda Quartz Swiss movement (?).

Easy interchangeable straps

Because we are always concerned about time, to change your strap might be tiresome if we lack the tools or can't finde them. For this reason we decided to incoporate our watches with an easy interchangeable strap system which lets you change the looks of your watch in seconds and without effort.

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